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All about our slot-machines

Today’s array of slot-machines in the Casinos de Monte-Carlo is completely new.

With more than 1000 machines, the collection offers the widest choice of games and betting possibilities throughout Europe.

Several ways of playing are available to players, who select the machines according to the playing strategies or themes proposed

In Monte-Carlo, pay-out rates are higher and there are no deductions from your winnings.

All the most innovative slot-machines and playing systems, exclusive throughout Europe, can be found in our casinos.

Different ways of playing

Multiplicateur : the amount of your winnings is multiplied depending on the number of credits subscribed. When the player reaches the “bet max” (betting limit allowed on the machine), the jackpots are then multiplied.

Coin by Pay : frequently used on roller (or “fruit”) machines, this system enables players to obtain an additional payout possibility for each new credit subscribed.

Multilignes : the player obtains an additional payout line with each credit subscribed. This gambling tactic increases the probability of obtaining winning combinations and therefore the frequency of winnings.



The various types of machines

Scroll or roller machines : These machines are still based on the roller system (like “fruit machines”), though the latest technical developments have been introduced so that players can select their gaming strategy : multiplication, multi-line, progressive. They sometimes give access to a game on a video screen triggered by special figures to obtain bonuses and multiply winnings.

Roller videos : This new-generation machine with synthesized image rollers provides an endless choice of subjets, themes and playing strategies.

Vidéo Poker : Facing his machine, the player is dealt five cards, can change as many as he likes and observes his winnings after the second deal.

Multi-jeux : These multi-game video machines offer a choice of several games : poker, keno, roller etc...

Progressives "Stand Alone" : These “autonomous” machines offer jackpots which evolve depending on the stakes placed.

Linked Progressives" : These inter-connected machines offer prize money of one or more jackpots which evolve depending on the stakes placed in all the linked machines.
Exclusive to the Monte-Carlo Casinos : Hot Shot, Harley Davidson, Star Wars, Elvira, Red Hot Jackpot, Wheel of Gold, Wheel of Fortune, Party Time, Cash Fever.

WAP Progressives : Major Jackpot is an exclusive system in Europe enabling you to win a jackpot whichever casino you choose to play at. This progressive jackpot evolves depending on bets placed at the Sun Casino, Casino Café de Paris and Bay Casino.

Electronic Roulette : Monte-Carlo’s flagship game in highly sophisticated electronic form. The wheel is American and the double zero is replaced by a bonus figure !


Three systems to make playing easier

Bill Acceptor : All machines in the Monte-Carlo Casinos accept your bets in the form of bank notes. More freedom to play, starting with the 5 € note.

EZ Pay : All the machines in the Monte-Carlo Casinos whose initial stakes are lower than 50 centimes of a euro see that you benefit from maximum playing convenience by replacing tokens by tickets. They add up your stakes and winnings so that you can go from one machine to another as you wish.

Multidenomination :
on all the machines in the collection offered by the Monte-Carlo Casinos, this system allows you to play with the denomination (initial stake) that suits you best. You can choose from the followng stakes : 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 centimes of a euro, 1, 2, 5 10 or 20 €.



Mystery Jackpot

A revolution in gambling, as in Monte-Carlo, even if you don’t win, the Mystery Jackpot lottery can see that you do...

Discover the Mystery Jackpot